A Brief History

Chimere Marshall's passion for fashion has arrived in her brand, Nurse Necessities!

Since beginning her nursing career more than 17 years ago, Chimere decided not to settle for boring scrubs. Instead, she brought her interest in fashion to work, creating unique and colorful accessories to dress up her nurse's uniform. Her creations inspired compliments from other nurses and questions about where to buy her stuff. Finally, in 2018, she started her own business so that other nurses could bring fashion to work, too. Today, Chimere and her store offer something for any kind of nurse.

Clothing-Products & Brands

Nurse Necessities offers a variety of scrub brands and other items to spice up your work wardrobe.

Products include:

  • Scrubs
  • Hoodies
  • Necessi-tees
  • Socks

Brands include:

  • Heartsoul
  • Dickies
  • Cherokee
  • Divine Stretch

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Listen with Lyriq's Program

Named after Chimere's daughter, Listen with Lyriq's are cute stethoscope covers that add character and personality to your uniform. They come in all colors, fabrics, and materials—whatever your style, you will find one uniquely for you!

Listen With Lyriq's